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1 Mar 2011

Fragrance House : Guerlain
Fragrance Name : My Insolence
Gender : Female
Official Site :
Reviewer : Ina (Kontributor)
Editor : donny (owner

Review :


My Insolence is Guerlains first flanker yang launch pada tahun 2006 and is advertised as a softer, fruitier fragrance. My Insolence diciptakan dengan filosofi : a scent like a secret garden, a personal diary, a delicious encounter that makes you say its a fragrance for me.


My Insolence, which starts off much sweeter and fruitier Raspberry dan Citrusy Notes pada Top Notes. Right about the time that Insolence starts to move into its very Guerlain-ish blend, amping up the foody sweetness with a floral blend centered on almond blossom. Almond Blossom pada Heart Notes yang dominan membuat keharuman My Insolence being considerably tamer and more girly-pretty. Patchouli, Vanilla dan Tonka Bean pada Base Notes makin memperkuat kesan sweet yang sudah diperoleh pada Top Notes dan Heart Notes. Keharuman My Insolence, at once charming and disarming.


Daya tahan My Insolence berkisar antara 6-8 jam yang mana dapat memberi kesan Feminine, Calm and Classy. Well I guess Hillary Swank is good enough to presented the soul of My Insolence through her personality traits.


Overall, My Insolence is a fragrance with a nice sillage, punya ciri khas yang bisa membuat penggunanya langsung dapat membedakan My Insolence dari jenis floral-fruity perfumes pada umumnya, yaitu Raspberry Notes yang sangat segar dan Very Tempting, jarang ditemui pada parfum a la gourmand lainnya, sangat layak untuk dimiliki bagi para Wanita pecinta parfum dengan classification floral fruity, gourmand dan musk.

May The Scent Be With You.


Top Notes : Raspberry, Citrusy Notes
Heart Notes : Almond Blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes : Patchouli, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Scent Rate :
Scent Strength : (Subtle)
Scent Life : (6 - 8 Hours)
Recommended Use : Casual Wear, Office Hours (Cool Office), Semi-Casual Date
Recommended Age : College, Mature
Classification : Floral-Fruity

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