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22 Jun 2011

Fragrance House : Hermes
Fragrance Name : Kelly Calleche
Gender : Female
Official Site :
Reviewer : Ina (Kontributor)
Editor : donny (owner

Review :


Kelly Caleche by Hermes pertama kali dilaunch pada tahun 2007. Nama Kelly Caleche itu sendiri berasal dari dua simbol klasik Hermes tradition. Kelly, the saddle-makers legendary handbag, originally christened simply, ladys handbag and rechristened Kelly in homage to Princess Grace Kelly and Caleche comes from or inspired by Hermss second fragrance, created in 1961.

When I spray it on my pulse, at my first sniff, I can enjoy the an airy scent with the smell of flowers which comes from the perfect blends between Top Notes and Heart Notes. Nuansa floral yang kental berasal dari Rose dan Climbing Rose terasa sekali pada saat pertama kali disemprotkan yang kemudian softened by green notes, lily-of-the-valley, narcissus dan iris setelah beberapa waktu kemudian. Sentuhan Green Note pada komposisi Heart Notes possesses a gentle woodsy-chypre character. Drydown, an airy leather scent with the smell of flower can be enjoy by the user. A delicate fragrance for a modern Amazon.

Well, It is not at all the girly-silly scent I feared it might be when I first heard the name and saw the picture of the bottle with its pink juice, ), but nor is it anything like the the bold sort of fragrance implied by the woman with the boots and whip in the ad. The ad might more appropriately show a young lady in a tasteful summer dress at a garden party, with a sparkle in her eye, perhaps, but still, well-mannered.

Daya tahan Kelly Calache terbilang cukup long-lasting, It can last for 8-10 hours. The sillage is quite unique and subtle. Well, for me personally, Im not really fond of it, definitely for women who love to try unique scent. Kelly Caleche is good for signature scent, because you’ll rarely encounter the same scent used by another women.

May The Scent Be With You.


Top Notes : Rose, Lily of the Valley, Narcissus
Heart Notes : Green Note, Climbing Rose, Mimosa, Tuberose
Base Notes : Iris, Woodsy Note, Leather Accord

Scent Rate :
Scent Strength : (Subtle)
Scent Life : (8-10 hours)
Recommended Use : Casual Wear, Office Hours (Cool Office), Semi-Casual Date
Recommended Age : College, Mature
Classification : Chypre-Floral

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