Benetton Inferno Paradiso Pink - Women

17 Dec 2011

Fragrance House : Benetton
Fragrance Name : Inferno Paradiso Pink
Gender : Women
Official Site :

Prologue :

This is the first time i start on reviewing again, ive been hiatus for 1.5 years… The story is classic… when u already taste and sniff so many fragrances (literally) from both gender (men and women) and various classification (gourmand, citrus, floral, fruity, musk, aromatic, woods, fougere… you name it….) then you could have predict a fragrance life cycle (top, heart, base notes), sillage, longevity… And then theres this new fragrance(s), launches today in the market… when I get a whiff of it…. arrgghh… i think this is just another tweak of Terre, Coolwater, London, Light Blue, etc… (sometimes cheaper than the original they copied, sometimes much more expensive)….

Even fragrance(s) that creating hype in the mass market…. They only change the trajectory a lil bit… theres nothing new there… only altered several notes on top/heart/base… add some citrus… throw some musk… give a little jasmine there… pour aquatic notes… put some sweetness… Okay… ive had enough… Nothing worth to add to my collection….

To sum it all… I am boring….

Then again i take my time to enjoy life…. give a chance to another nose… take an apprentice… to give a new perspective to my loyal reader…. thats why you seeing this :
Reviewer : xxx (Kontributor)
Editor : donny (owner


1.5 years easily slipped away, at this time i hope that many designer house (the brand that i could find in Indonesia) took the time to reinvent the wheel… to innovate… creating a top notch breed fragrance… that could make me find that flames… to feel the thrill… to start reviewing… now and again….

Just 4 days ago, an opportunity present itself… My lovely Sister Birthday is coming… the thing is i do wanna present her a fragrance, but i got some budget issue… (yeah, lots to pay, i pursue my musical interest as a guitarist, and it cost me lots… lots… of money….)

A bit tricky to choose the right fragrance that meets my criteria… it has to be cheap in terms of money… but with good quality (good scent, nice life cycle, good longevity)… Then I choose Benetton Inferno Paradiso Pink… Now, lets take a look of what this fragrance has to offer….

Review :


Benetton Inferno Paradiso pink, saya sudah cukup lama mengenalnya, sejak 2006, namun hanya sepintas… tapi berkesan… aroma floral musk yang sangat segar dan lembut…. termasuk kategori citrus floral musk….

Dan saat ini saya sedang memegangnya, direview terlebih dahulu sebelum diserahkan sebagai kado ulang tahun (jadi efisien kan, sekalian ngado, sekalian buat bahan review)…

Semprotan pertama pun dilakukan… top notes pun menyeruakkan wanginya, hmmm… sangat mengesankan… perpaduan sempurna antara kesegeran citrus dari lemon dan orange (mirip aroma jeruk nipis) dalam porsi yang minimalis dengan nuansa dedaunan dari green leaves…. so very subtle… give peace to your mind… relaxing… i must say, this blends very well… Perfect….

Heart Notes terdiri dari Jasmine, Pink Rose, Ylang-ylang. Komposisi pada Heart Notes semakin menguatkan aroma citrus dengan hints of floral dari Jasmine, pink rose dan berbalutkan ylang-ylang… Ada nuansa aquatic yang timbul pada heart notes ini, sangat unik untuk memadukan heart notes ini dengan sea breeze (walau tidak tercantum pada notes-nya)…. I feel like standing on a very high cliff above the sea (just like the twilight saga movies, before Jacob jumping to the sea)… very refreshing….

Basenotes terdiri dari Cedarwood, Musk dan Sandalwood. Pada fase ini aroma floral mulai memudar berganti dengan keanggunan musk yang berpadu dengan cedar dan sandalwood, namun tetap menyisakan kesegaran citrus…. Membuat aromanya menjadi semakin lembut dengan hints of freshness, dries down beautifully….

Kesan yang didapatkan dari pengguna Benetton Inferno Paradiso Pink ini adalah wanita muda yang ceria, aktif namun berhati lembut - women who enjoy their freedom, speaks their minds in a respectively manner. Imagine Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in Twilight Saga movies.

Daya tahan berkisar antara 6-8 jam. Sangat cocok digunakan untuk casual, office hours, sports dan beach. Dapat diterima dan disukai oleh siapa saja. Untuk kisaran umur cocok digunakan pada usia 15-25 tahun.

Benetton Inferno Paradiso Pink… you need to search really hard to find this type of fragrance, because its a jewel hidden in the box waiting to be found… definitely a rare breed… Some might say this give a hints of D&G Light blue… its in the same quality, same league…. but with cheaper price….

As far as my quest to find a top notch breed fragrance… this is it… its over… ive found THE ONE… a unique fragrance with its own class that makes me feel the flames and thrill to start reviewing again….

The quest isn’t about some new glamourous fragrance that launches today in the market… remember this, the newest not always better, the expensive ones not always holds its value… the designer house not always live up to their name… or the hype or anything else….

Sometimes the former launches that nobody been discovered is THE ONE… rare breed that worth every penny youve got… Benetton inferno Paradiso pink is a keeper and will be very nice addition to your collection…. dont take my words for it… just try it yourself…

A Must Buy Fragrance and Definitely Mens Magnet. Fresh, Sensual, Relaxing, Completely Irresistible.


May The Scent Be With You, and stay tuned in as more reviews coming along


Top Notes : Lemon, Orange, Green Leaves
Heart Notes : Jasmine, Pink Rose, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes : Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood

Scent Rate :
Scent Strength : (Subtle)
Scent Life : (6-8 Hours)
Recommended Age : Teens, Mature.
Classification : Citrus Floral Musk

Recommended Use:
office casual beach sports

TAGS Casual Office Hours Beach Sports Citrus Floral Musk



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