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7 Feb 2012

Fragrance House : Hugo Boss
Fragrance Name : Boss Femme
Gender : Women
Official Site :
Reviewer : Ina (Kontributor)
Editor : donny (owner

Review :
Hugo Boss Femme

Hugo Boss Femme pertama kali dilaunch pada tahun 2006, specially created for a romantic woman dengan filosofi : “Everything about her speaks of softness, flowers and affection”.

At first sniff, the scent of Hugo Boss Femme opens with a cheerful, fruity and sumptuous opening, a perfectly blend of Tangerine, Black Currant and Fressia. It creates a soft and fresh nuances.

On the Heart Notes, which consist of Madagascar Jasmine, Rose and Oriental Lily, reminds me of “a bridal bouquet” of white flowers. The scent is radiant, gentle and luminous. An ode to an eternal and contemporary woman, a tender and generous bouquet with a hint of the voluptuous.

Pada Base Notes, perpaduan antara blossoms dengan musks, apricot skin and Ceylonese lemon-tree wood semakin membuat keharuman Hugo Boss Femme terasa ke-feminin-annya, lembut namun tidak terlalu manis, makes me end up with feeling that I am inside a garden full of flowers in full bloom on a summer day. It makes me feel good and I feel better.

The sillage is really nice and subtle. It wont make you feel dizzy when you stuck in the middle of sunshine heat. I highly recommend this perfume if you love a light and feminine scent. Daya tahan dari Hugo Boss Femme berkisar antara 6-8 jam. Suitable for any ocassion.

Hugo Boss Femme will make you feel and look completely Feminine, Elegant and Sophisticated. If you wanna experience the feeling of softness femininity then I highly recommend you to wear Hugo Boss Femme. Its feminine enough to match the sophisticated bottle with generous curves, sheltering a pink-hued juice. I hope you can enjoy the scent as much as I do.

May The Scent Be With You, and stay tuned in as more reviews coming along


Top Notes : Tangerine, Black Currant, Fressia
Heart Notes : Madagascar Jasmine, Rose, Oriental Lily
Base Notes : Blossoms, Musk, Apricot Skin, Ceylonese Lemon-tree

Scent Rate :
Scent Strength : (Subtle)
Scent Life : (6 - 8 Hours)
Recommended Age : College, Mature
Classification : Floral-Fruity

Recommended Use :
office casual romantic

TAGS Casual Mature Cool Office Romantic College / Teens floral-fruity



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