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    Review Sean John Unforgivable

    Fragrance House : Sean John Fragrance Name : Unforgivable Gender : Men Official Site : http://www.seanjohnfragrances.com/ Prologue : A prologue first, boring maybe, but well you have to read it though. For the past week I have been confused about which fragrance should I review first, since the two choices are fragrances that causes mass hype in Todays Fragrances World, it’s also very expensive -the more expensive the price, the higher the temptation for me to review it. They are : 1.Narcisso Rodriguez for Him 2.Sean John Unforgivable Unfortunately, I dont have much money to waste just to taste the liquor of both fragrance and review it, there’s no one supporting my expensive hobby (hmm… I should think of getting some sponsorships here). Maybe I could go to perfume


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